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Many times, people come to me immediately after medical news. Pre-Diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension are the most common. The news is rarely a  total surprise but shocking all the same. So Now what?

More than likely, your doctor will prescribe a medication and instruct you to make some lifestyle changes.  Less stress, more sleep, diet and exercise. This is the recipe for nearly all of our “self induced” medical problems. But while the directions for the medications are clear, the advice for “lifestyle changes” is vague. It’s not what doctors specialize in.

Here are some steps that will help you out.



Weight Loss – Healing Old Wounds

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One of the main objectives of our mind is to keep us safe. That feeling in your stomach when you get too close to the edge of a cliff. The fear of walking down a dark street. The negative thoughts you get when you think about dieting. HUH?

Unfortunately, the mind won’t distinguish between real danger and perceived danger. In the instance of weight loss, the mind is protecting you from the pains of the past and fear of pain that would come from failure in the future. This reaction is brought on by how we think about weight loss. What our ever so clever mind doesn’t know is that the pain of being overweight can be debilitating and painful.

The mind isn’t against you losing weight. It doesn’t even understand what that is. It’s against you feeling bad and being stressed. This instinct keeps us from trying, let alone accomplishing many things in life.

Looking for a new job, starting a new hobby, leaving an unsatisfying relationship, getting in shape, etc. These can be considered unknowns and opportunities to fail to the mind and thus things to be avoided. And that is what our mind “protects” us from.

So how can we override this instinct when it comes to weight loss? Click here to find out.

When Scales Attack


It has happened to nearly everyone that has tried to lose weight. You follow your meal plan, do your workouts, confident you have lost weight during the week. But come Saturday morning, the scale says otherwise.

This happened to me recently. Find out why and how it can be corrected!

Weight Loss The Mental Side


Here’s a project that will help you take control of your mind and your actions when it comes to eating and exercise. Do this at a time and place that will allow you to really think and be honest with yourself. Take it seriously. It can make all the difference.

The Mental Side

Weight Loss Tools of the Trade

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Every job is made easier with the right tools, or “Tools of the Trade”. A carpenter has saws and hammers, lawyers use books and doctors use mystic powers. Just kidding. The same is true when you are trying to lose weight. For weight loss, tools of the trade are items that will make your fitness journey easier and educate you as you go.

Here are out TruChoice weight loss


3 Easy Steps to a Fitness and Weight loss Plan

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I love making plans. Whether it’s a 6 month training plan for an event or meal and workout plans for clients. I love it all.

I realize that not everybody is so hot on developing plans. Especially for things they find difficult such as diet and exercise. This simple system will help you out.

Creating a plan serves two purposes.

1. It gives you something to follow so you don’t’ have to make daily decision.
2. Writing something down creates a commitment to yourself and makes your goals real. It is tough to take a goal serious when you don’t have a plan.

When it comes to weight loss and fitness plans, keep it simple when you first start out. In fact, the more weight you have to lose and the worse your habits are, the more simple your plan can be.

If you look at your diet and see that you eat fast food 5 days a week. Your first plan for eating can be to replace the fast food with something better such as a Subway sandwich or meals you create yourself.

Likewise, if you are completely inactive, it is pretty simple to increase your fitness by adding a few activities. So your first plan can start with No fast food, replace with Subway and walk 5 days per week for 40 minutes. You will want a few more items but that is a great start.

As you get closer to your weight or fitness goal, you will have to become more specific with your plan. When that time comes, you will likely be more motivated and knowledgeable which will make your planning easier. But at first, keep it simple.

The key to a simple plan is to look at your current lifestyle and eliminate a few negative behaviors and replace them with a few positive behaviors.

Here’s an example. After an injury that sidelined me for 6 months, I put on weight, lost muscle, range of motion and cardiovascular fitness. It got pretty bad and I had to get going. But I wasn’t really needing an intricate plan. I just needed to take action. Here is what I put together.

I broke it down into 3 behaviors or steps.

Things I won’t eat: Look at your diet and choose 2 or 3 things that you will eliminate.
Things I will eat daily: Pick 2 or 3 healthy items to put into your diet.
Things I will do: Add 2 or 3 new behaviors that you will do.

Here’s what I did.

My health plan January 1st to January 31st

1. Things I won’t eat 

• Potato Chips (my nemesis. I love salty crunchy anything)
• Store bought cookies
• Cheese
• Anything fried (Also an evil love of mine)

2. Things I will eat daily
• Breakfast
• At least 1 completely vegetarian meal
• 1550 to 1900 Calories
• 70 oz water

3. Things I will do
• Exercise 6 days per week (2 before work on Mon, Tue- 2 after work on Wed, Thur – 2 on weekend.
• Run 4 days per week (Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun)
• Lift 3x per week (Mon, Wed, Fri)
• Log food (daily as I eat)
Schedule the “Things I will do” or you will find yourself short of your goals come the end of the week and that can derail your efforts.

Simple, right! It’s not detailed or complicated. Notice that I didn’t say how far I will run or long I will workout. That will come later once I get into a groove. Don’t add pressure to a new routine. Making changes is tough enough.
The purpose of my plan was to get me going in the right direction. No paralysis by analysis. And it worked.

Duration of Plan:
At the top of my plan there is a starting and ending date. This is important. At the end of the time frame, I will make a new plan and evaluate how I did with this one. Keep this time frame between 3 weeks and two months. Any less won’t produce any real results and any more and you risk doing something that isn’t working or plateauing with your weight loss and fitness improvements. Some things will stay the same and some items will change. Just keep it simple.

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As always, your comments and questions are encouraged.

Eric Soderlund
TruChoice Fitness & Nutrition

4 Steps to go From Funk to Fit

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Between torn ligaments in my knee a strained bicep and a broken toe, I had been sidelined for nearly 7 months. In that time I put on weight, lost muscle and my cardio fitness level had become non-existent. Not only that, mentally, I felt like my 45 year old body would never be fit again. I felt horrible physically and mentally. 

Now what?

This series of events brought me to a place I had not been before. I felt old and weak. I went from competing in distance triathlons to not being able to run more than a mile. I had to make a plan that would get me moving again.

Here are some steps I took that can work for you too.

Start Off Slow: Don’t kill yourself in week one. This is a mistake physically and mentally. At TruChoice, we ease our clients into their routines. The first step is to identify strengths and weaknesses and then prepare your body for your new efforts. Focus on range of motion and balance exercise for a few weeks before you push harder. With lack of use, muscles shorten and joints stiffen. Give them some time to get back in action. If you start off too aggressive, you are less likely to stick with it.

Combine Strength With Cardio: There is no need to spend 30 minutes strength training and then another 30 doing cardio when you can combine the two and be done in 30 minutes. Circuit training, using your own body weight is a great way to gain strength and improve your cardio. You can do it anywhere with no equipment. This isn’t just for beginners. You can get in amazing shape and never touch a weight or step foot on a treadmill with circuit training.

Rest your body: It is so easy to overdo when you are first starting out. Give yourself 2 days of rest between workouts for the first 2 weeks and after that you can workout every other day. Don’t work out when you are still sore from the last effort and don’t work the same body parts on back to back days. This is a great way to get yourself injured. Your muscles must heal in order to get stronger. Also, if most of your body feels great but your shoulder is sore, give it some extra time to recover and work out want feels good. Your body is a chain and only as strong as its weakest link.

Get Some Help: Look, When I started TruChoice Fitness & Nutrition, I didn’t do it on my own. I know fitness and nutrition but there were many things I didn’t know about starting a business. So, I got on the web and searched, I spoke with people that had started their own business, I hired a business coach and had someone build my website. I didn’t do it alone and if you’re not sure of what to do regarding improving your fitness from where you are now, Google, ask and hire. You can start with me.

If you have questions regarding how and what to do, go to and contact me direct. No charge!

As always, your questions and comments are encouraged.

Eric Soderlund
TruChoice Fitness & Nutrition

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