About Us

Statement from the Founder and Philosophy

  • 1/3 of Americans are currently obese
  • Over 76 million people suffer from pre-diabetes
  • Over 250,000 deaths each year can be connected to weight related diseases

Obviously, the old mentality regarding weight loss and fitness is a not working.

So what is going on?

We are being sold lies and half-truths.

  • Miracle pills
  • No diet or exercise weight loss fantasies
  • Pictures of models pitching unhealthy, unsustainable fad diets
  • Magical beans that melt fat and keep us from being hungry

This is why I founded TruChoice Fitness & Nutrition. TruChoice provides you with the tools you need to lose weight and improve fitness now while providing you information and confidence to continue your path to a healthy, happier life, long after your TruChoice experience.

Focus on being successful today rather than obsessing on the end goal of a distant future.

Focus on living the life today that will give you the results you desire in the future.

This approach allows you to enjoy today’s efforts instead of continually being unhappy with yourself until you reach your ultimate goal. This is a focus on lifestyle.

Fitness From The Inside Out

Contact us today and speak to a TruChoice Coach: TruChoice Fitness and Nutrition Contact Us Button


Eric Soderlund
TruChoice Fitness & Nutrition


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