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If you are Pre-Diabetic or trying to lose weight and eat healthier, almonds and nuts should be on your menu.

There’s more to almonds than just a tasty treat. For example, almonds are……..

  • Proven to lower blood sugar
  • Proven to lower blood sugar spikes 
  • Loaded with healthy unsaturated fats
  • Balance your carbohydrate to protein ratio 
  • Lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol)
  • Are Tasty!
  • Try adding almonds to your cereal in the morning to help stabilize blood sugar and stay satisfied.
  • Add them to your Quinoa or brown rice for added taste and texture
  • Put some in your veggie stir fry or steamed veggie sides.

A serving of sliced almonds is a ¼ cup and is 180 calories. That can really add up when you are counting every calorie. I find that 1/8 cup is plenty and allows me to enjoy this tasty treat 2x per day without packing on the calories.

Your comments and suggestions are alway welcome. For more information on weight loss, fitness and prediabetes, go to www.TruChoiceFitness.com


Eric Soderlund

TruChoice Fitness & Nutrition

Fitness From The Inside Out


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