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The myth: As we get older, our metabolism slows, we lose muscle mass and our bones get weaker.

Well actually, for many, this is no myth. The myth is why this happens. As it turns out, these aren’t the realities of getting older. They are the realities of disuse!

1. Dr. DeVries of USC has shown that people can achieve levels of vigor associated with people 30 years younger. This means that an active 64 year old can be more fit than a sedentary 30 year old.

2. Running and resistance training can keep bones strong. It’s called adaptation and the body is amazing in this regard. Activities like running and lifting weights over long periods of time can allows us to maintain much of our bone density. This is because the body recognizes that we are using the bones to support weight so it keeps the bones strong. To emphasize the importance of this, “older women who suffer from hip fractures have a 50% death rate”!

3. Mine Nelson, PH.D maintains that “Our muscles have the ability to grow and get stronger from birth until we die”. In one study, 12 individuals as old as 96 worked out with weights and within two months boosted thigh muscle strength by an average of 174% and added 9% to their muscle mass.

So here’s the rub. Use it or lose it baby. With proper diet and activity we can live a happier more productive life. And Isn’t that what it’s about?

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