Do My Genes Make Me Look Fat


The Question: Are my Genes responsible for my weight or the way I perform in a sport?

The Answer: Unlikely

The reality is whether it’s weight loss, building the body you want or achieving a level of sport specific performance, few people ever come close to realizing their genetic potential.

I am just a bit better than a middle of the pack endurance athlete. And I had to work to get to there. So is my genetic makeup my limiting factor?

NO. It is the amount of time I train, the way I approach my training and my lifestyle. It is the daily decisions I make. Period.

While it is true that my genetics may limit me from becoming the fastest triathlete in the world, I will never know because I won’t put in the time and effort to be my absolute best at it. It’s not my goal.

The same is true with weight loss or strength building or becoming great at anything. It may be more difficult for some to shed pounds, however it is rare that your genetic makeup is the #1 problem. Very rare, as in almost never. Clear enough?

You control your outcome. If you have a solid plan and are dedicated to sticking to it, you will lose the weight, build the muscle or improve that 10K time. The fact is, our mind is a bigger hindrance to achieving our goals than our genetic code.

The good news about that is we can control our decisions and adjust the way we think about things. It is a fact that we can change the way we respond to things and adjust how our minds process information. We control our daily decisions. We’re kind of stuck with our DNA.

Make a plan, execute and the results will come. For more information or assistance with weight loss, getting fit or reversing prediabetes, go to

Eric Soderlund

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